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The BWT is a community of women who are passionate about running their own business however big or small, part time or full time. It will inspire and help women thinking about setting up a new business too.

This membership platform has been created with you in mind!

It enables women to:

    • share their talent
    • inspire and motivate each other
    • collaborate
    • exchange business information
    • form strategic relationships
    • generate business opportunities
    • support Women for Women International

The members of The BWT gain support, share information, seek advice, have a place to discuss business challenges with specialists, ask questions and chat in ‘real time’.

If you’re a business woman today, don’t wait any longer...

get involved and become connected to a like-minded community!

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* Connect with like-minded women * Access useful & informative articles
* Get help to solve business issues * Share your knowledge & experience
* Promote your business & grow your network

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Private Chat

Connect with other BWT Members and chat privately with them! Just like other social networks you will be able to see which of your connections (friends) are on-line and able to chat.

Private Group Chat

A really useful feature of The BWT is the ability to set-up and join private group chats between a selected group of BWT members.

Open Chat Rooms

One of our most popular features and something you don’t see on many social platforms – Chat Rooms! Join in the conversation on any topic you choose, or start your own chat room and connect with others who have something to say or who just want to drop by and say hello!


Send other BWT Members a private message, whether you are Connected or not. This is a useful feature if you want to contact someone that you are not yet connected with, maybe someone who you are interested in finding out more about.


A great place to get, or give, advice, to see what other people are discussing or just to join in the conversations! Forums are open to all BWT Members and not restricted to one to one chats.


The very best way to support a business is to recommend it! If you have had a good experience of another BWT Members business, tell others about them and you will surely get members advocating your business too!


The BWT is primarily a business-focussed social media platform, but, and it’s a big but, there are no rules to say that you can’t make friends with your connections and beyond and develop long-lasting and close relationships with like-minded women.


Many extremely successful businesses have been built on collaboration and partnerships. You just never know who you might meet on The BWT who could prove to be a really valuable asset to your future success.


Just that. Connect with other BWT Members locally, nationally or even internationally. You will find many interesting and inspirational women on the BWT, some working within your industry and others that just seem to be type of person you would like to connect with, it really is that simple!


Social Network Platform

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have social media platform, just like Facebook or LinkedIn, but totally dedicated to you, a business woman of today? Well, here it is.. The Business Woman Today!

BWT Mobile Chat App

Don’t worry about missing out on valuable information and conversations with your BWT connections whilst you are out and about, away from your desk or lap-top. With our amazing BWT Chat App you can keep in touch with your BWT friends and connections wherever you are, you can even continue with your conversations in the Chat Rooms! Check it out!

Members Offers

A valuable feature of The BWT is the ability to promote your business to other members, and vice versa. Put together special offer for other members and help to grow your customer base and your recommendations too!


Clip-It! is our unique way of saving you time and hassle when browsing through the many interesting articles, people and posts on The BWT. If you come across an article or a member that you find fascinating, but do not have time to read that article, or connect with that person right away, simply Clip-It! to your Clip Board. Here it will be saved for you to come back to when you have more time… a really useful way of keeping all of your BWT contacts and content in a safe and handy place.

BWT Business Directory

ALL members will be able to add their business to our business directory at NO EXTRA COST! Our business directory is visible to the general public at large, not just to other members, giving your business maximum exposure to our thousands of site visitors every day!

Business Showcase

Each BWT Member will get her own dedicated page for her business. Here you can give information about your services, your business contact details and opening times, show off your testimonials and really let other people know about how great your business is!

Become a Contributor

Boost your profile and become a respected expert in your field by becoming a contributor on The BWT. The BWT is a fantastic resource centre for all things business, and from a woman’s perspective. By simply posting 3 articles you have written you will automatically gain “Contributor” status and will have your profile featured on the Contributors Page, members will soon get to know you and see that you are passionate and knowledgeable about what you do.

Business Profile

Every member gets a full profile of their business on their Profile Page as well as being listed in the Directory. You can also add information about what you and your business specialises in.



The BWT is an incredibly rich source of advice and information for Members to draw on. You will find a wealth of useful and interesting articles on a whole variety of topics, all written by fellow members who have been through what you are going through or whose job it is to know how to help. You also have the opportunity to help and advise fellow BWT Members by writing about your own business experiences or your particular areas of expertise by becoming a Contributor.


Being in business can sometimes feel like a lonely place and it’s always good to receive encouragement in some way or another, just to let you know that you are doing a good job or are on the right track. We all need to be encouraged along our business journey and The BWT offers a fantastic platform for all members to support and encourage each other.

Specialist Knowledge

On The BWT you will find a wide range of experts offering advice and guidance on all sorts of topics related to your business. Members will have access to many articles written by specialists in their field and may also contact these professionals directly for advice.

Valuable Resources

At the heart of The BWT is the resources library, an ever growing bank of articles, white papers, videos, downloads and tip sheets on a whole range of topics to help members solve their business issues.

Inspiring Articles

We all love to be inspired, and to inspire others too! The BWT is an inspirational place to be, read about other members success stories, talk to them about their experiences and tell others about your own business journey.


to The BWT! Our contributors get their own Contributors Profile page where their articles and blogs will be displayed and available for all BWT Members to read. It’s amazing how good sharing your own knowledge and experiences can be and will really raise your profile amongst members and the general public alike.