Social Network Platform

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have social media platform, just like Facebook or LinkedIn, but totally dedicated to you, a business woman of today? Well, here it is.. The Business Woman Today!

BWT Mobile Chat App

Don’t worry about missing out on valuable information and conversations with your BWT connections whilst you are out and about, away from your desk or lap-top. With our amazing BWT Chat App you can keep in touch with your BWT friends and connections wherever you are, you can even continue with your conversations in the Chat Rooms! Check it out!

Members Offers

A valuable feature of The BWT is the ability to promote your business to other members, and vice versa. Put together special offer for other members and help to grow your customer base and your recommendations too!


Clip-It! is our unique way of saving you time and hassle when browsing through the many interesting articles, people and posts on The BWT. If you come across an article or a member that you find fascinating, but do not have time to read that article, or connect with that person right away, simply Clip-It! to your Clip Board. Here it will be saved for you to come back to when you have more time… a really useful way of keeping all of your BWT contacts and content in a safe and handy place.

BWT Business Directory

ALL members will be able to add their business to our business directory at NO EXTRA COST! Our business directory is visible to the general public at large, not just to other members, giving your business maximum exposure to our thousands of site visitors every day!

Business Showcase

Each BWT Member will get her own dedicated page for her business. Here you can give information about your services, your business contact details and opening times, show off your testimonials and really let other people know about how great your business is!

Become a Contributor

Boost your profile and become a respected expert in your field by becoming a contributor on The BWT. The BWT is a fantastic resource centre for all things business, and from a woman’s perspective. By simply posting 3 articles you have written you will automatically gain “Contributor” status and will have your profile featured on the Contributors Page, members will soon get to know you and see that you are passionate and knowledgeable about what you do.

Business Profile

Every member gets a full profile of their business on their Profile Page as well as being listed in the Directory. You can also add information about what you and your business specialises in.