Katie Ruane

Harley Street Naturopath

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As a Naturopathic Physician my aim is to treat you in a natural and non-invasive way. A variety of therapies are used such as nutritional therapy, reflexology and massage to treat the underlying cause rather than just symptoms. Doing this enables the body to find it's natural balance and to be healthy. I am also qualified in maternity reflexology and baby massage ensuring that you and your baby are healthy from the start of pregnancy and beyond.

Ghilaine Chan

Ghilaine & Co

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Laying foundations with tech focussed companies of 5-50 people to profitably scale. We help them:

Deliver brilliance
Fail elegantly
Operate efficiently
Execute predictably.

For companies that don't need a full time COO or CTO. We help them scale so they can continue to grow without faltering.

Carol Verity Mann-Sebbage

We Get Digital

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We build fabulous websites that WORK for business. One of the main issues with building professional websites is the breakdown in communications. We pride ourselves on having a highly responsive business and making the whole process of building a website a good one.

Once you have built your website we will then help you with promotion. SEO, digital marketing, social media. Everything you need to be doing to GET IT RIGHT and be seen on the Internet.

Katie Farrell

Katie Farrell Coaching

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My passion is inspiring others to see and realise their true potential in life. Whether you wish to take your business to the next level, need to increase your self-confidence to grab opportunities rather than see then pass by again, or prepare yourself to transition from employment to running your own business, I will be with you each step of the way to make achieving success a reality rather than just a dream.

Using a combination of coaching skills, cognitive behavioural therapy and strong intuition, I can help you to identify what it is that you truly desire, remove any blocks or obstacles standing in your way and adapt your mindset to achieve that success!

I offer a range of formats for clients to work with me, from intensive 3 hour sessions, one to one programmes, group coaching and workshops for both private and corporate clients.

If you've decided you're ready to make changes in your life and to invest in your development personally and/or professionally, get in touch now for a free, no-obligation exploratory call where we can discuss where you're at now, where you'd love to be and how we could get you there as quickly and smoothly as possible!

BWT Team

The Business Woman Today

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The BWT Team - Connect with us and ask us any questions via your posts or send us a private message. Also any suggestions you on how to improve, we are really open to growing this community for you. So please give us your input!

Paula Ruane

Ruane BioEnergetics

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Ground breaking and rapid tools to increase your capacity to prepare for and recover from stress, adversity and challenge. Soloprenuer training packages for enhanced creativity, calm and control.
Workshops and in-house training for SME's

Susan Barrett

RabbIT Training

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I offer tailored Microsoft training courses to businesses who see the benefit of ensuring their staff are using their PCs proficiently. Whatever their level I can provide a course to suit your company's needs.

Are you stuck creating a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation - don't want to be up all night trying to work out why its not working? Send it to me and I can sort it out in half the time. Save your time with my Microsoft Office consultancy service.

I am also a SpliceCom accredited trainer offering user, system administration and engineering training on the SpliceCom telephony system. Maybe you've had a new telephone system installed but there has been no one to train the staff to use all the functionality available. Current telephone systems pretty much offer the same services so I could develop and train a user course for you.

Have your recently installed a new software application on your employees' PCs but there has been no training to accompanying the rollout. I'm good at learning new software and can develop and train a course for you.

Susan Hillman

Utility Warehouse Discount Club

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I help families to save money on their everyday bills and shopping spend at home.

I am a Team Leader and Authorised Distributor with The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, who provide UK homes and small businesses essential services, and also give their members discounts on their everyday spend.

Having now helped many families and businesses save money on their essential utilities, all on 1 simple bill, and with the offer of a guaranteed "Double the Difference Price Promise", myself and the team we are part of continue to show and help people save money every day.

Recently I helped a family simplify 5 bills into 1 with one, simple monthly direct debit, receive automatic discounts every time they shop both in store or online ( we're a free discount club with over 2,000 partners, including M&S, eBay, Sainsbury's, Booking.com, Argos and thousands more)...plus we supplied and fitted for free their entire house with new, high end LED light bulbs worth over £500, giving them a lifetime extra discount on their electricity forever...they were really pleased! And having saved them around £1,000 a year, they can now afford an extra holiday for the whole family.

So who do you know who would like to receive one simple monthly bill with permanent discounts forever, freeing up more money available to them to spend on what they actually "want to do" rather than have to?

Please do let me know

Jan Ibbott

Business Buddy

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I am a Business Adviser offering strategic business advice to women, on how to shape and grow your business. I love working with women who have a vision but need the help and support achieving it. I am good at identifying niche opportunities and missed target markets. I can offer advice on all aspects of creating and running a business. I also work with established business owners who are looking to brainstorm options of where to go next (sell, exit, change direction etc). I also offer ad-hoc mentoring.

Start up businesses are my absolute passion! I help with the the viability testing at the initial stages, the naming of the business, the branding, the business planning, the strategy and the execution to make it happen. I work closely with hand chosen strategic partners to give you the added comfort of credible and proven out-sourced support. I like to work with women who have BIG aspirations for their business and are hungry for success.

Oh, and I also run 6 networking groups for business women (WIBN) in Herts & Essex. I can help with a bespoke networking strategy too, to get the most from your networking activities.

My business is based in Essex but also covers Hertfordshire & North West London.