e to E



From employee to Entrepreneur

This is truly a GIANT step for many and requires careful consideration before making this leap into the unknown.

Having said that many women come out of the corporate world and enjoy building and running successful businesses all over the globe, using the knowledge and experience gained in working for a large organisation to fuel their own, independent business.

But it is not always an easy step to take and working life is very different within a large company to running your own small business.

The skill sets for one can be totally different and whilst you may have many useful skills and qualifications learned during your time in corporate land, you will undoubtedly have to learn a whole new set of skills and procedures to run your own business.

But the combination of your past experiences coupled with the new learning curve you will certainly go through, should provide a really solid platform to build your new business on.

Many BWT members have already made the leap from E to E, and successfully too, and are only too happy to tell us about their experiences and give us some good advice on the pros and cons of moving from one world to another.

A leap of faith? Certainly but remember, you are never alone in The BWT!