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It's All About The Money!

From the moment we plan our new business idea to when we ultimately sell or wind down our company, money features right at the top of the tree on a daily basis.

We may need to raise finance to set-up our business, maybe with a bank loan or some outside investment. We must keep records, prepare annual accounts and pay our wages, taxes and VAT.

We need to make sure our customers pay us on time, credit control, and of course we should also make provisions for the future with pensions, investments and exit strategies.

Inside The BWT Money section you will find many useful resources which will help you to understand business finances and you can read expert opinions on many top-level financial issues. You can connect with book-keepers, accountants, banking people and tax experts, all women who have knowledge and experience to share.


How to fund your business venture?

Raising money to fund your business, at any level, can be a challenging and stressful time.

We often need advice and guidance on the best way to finance that new car, or how to plan cash flow for growing your business and taking on staff, or maybe just how best to run your day-to-day accounts and credit control.

Many such topics are covered in the articles and news items within The BWT... see below for a selection of articles about raising money for your business. 


*Bank Loans *Private Investors *Crowd Funding *Private & Personal Investment
*Business Angels *Venture Capital *Business Grants



Choosing an accountant or book-keeper

Accountancy, and accountants, play an extremely important role in the modern business world. We must keep very detailed records of all of our financial interactions to enable us to keep track of how well we are doing and to satisfy the legal requirements of taxation and HMRC.

Book-keepers and accountants can help us in working out our day-to-day cash flow, in understanding profit & loss accounts and preparing financial forecasts to help plan our business growth. Use the resources and fellow Members within The BWT to guide you through the maze of business finance.


*Bookkeeping *Cash flow *P & L *Forecasting



Business banking is a must 

It used to be that you could start by using your personal bank account for business transactions but this is frowned upon today and, to be fair to the banks, it is really so much better to keep your business and your personal finances completely separate.

Banks appear to be turning full circle in recent times, returning to a more personal, hands on business banking approach rather than the automated and faceless "Bank Managers" of the last decade or so.

So, finding the right bank for you is important, and so is getting the right advice on loans, overdrafts and bank charges, all of which can make a big difference to your profits.. or losses!


*Overdraft *Bank Charges *Factoring *Facilities *Online Banking
*Merchant Services - online payments *Payment Terminals



Keeping a tight rein on the cash

Knowing who owes you what and making sure invoices are paid on time, and in full, is a critical issue in maintaining a healthy business cash flow.

Did you know that one-in-four businesses fail as a result of late payments on their invoices?

But don't worry, there are many ways of employing cash flow into your business model with some great software and on-line platforms available to help the smaller business manage their finances or you may be in a position to acquire an in-house credit controller to keep the aged debtors list to a minimum.

Either way it's a crucial part of your daily business life and here on The BWT we have many articles and experts to help our members manage their debtors efficiently.


*Debt Collections *Debt Solutions *Insolvency *Bankruptcy



"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death & taxes" - Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States of America.

Well, here on The BWT we are only really going to deal with the taxes element of that quote, but they are inevitable so therefore must be treated with reverence and actioned upon correctly.

In the early years of a business a good accountant may be able to minimise the amount of tax a business pays, but as the business grows so will the tax liability, one goes with the other.

So getting the best advice is critical and understanding a company's responsibility to the revenue is equally as important.

VAT also plays a big part in our overall taxation responsibilities and there are complex rules and regulations in place to make sure you adhere to the revenue’s VAT policy.

Find interesting and useful advice and tips on how to pay, and how to reduce, your businesses tax liability here on The BWT!


*Planning *Inspections *Set up *Returns etc.



There will come a time in our business lives when we need to stop!

Hopefully that will be because we want to or we have just reached that point where it's time to hang up our boots and enjoy the garden, or it may be because our business has failed or we wish to pass it on to someone else.

Whatever the circumstances at the end of your businesses life span, you will need to consider the best way to move on, both for yourself and your personal circumstances, and for the business and its staff and shareholders.

From personal pensions to selling your business, you will find articles and blogs on The BWT to help you plan your way out of the business arena, maybe for good or maybe just while you plan your next multi-million pound business venture!


*Pension Law *Planning for the future *Selling your business
*Estate planning *Your business and your family *Auto Enrolment