The Workplace

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Kitchen Table? Serviced Office? Premises?  Big decision!

Whatever type of business we are involved in, whether it’s a large company or a business-in-a-box, MLM business, we all need a workplace!

Your workplace could be your kitchen table or a plush suite of city offices, but wherever we lay our business “hat” there are many things to consider and to put into place so that we can conduct our business effectively and safely.

In this section you will find articles and resources targeted at helping you with choosing and maintaining your workplace, and with your relationships with co-workers and customers.

After all, like your home, your business premises is not just the physical space you occupy but also about the people within it!



Home is the new away - office at home is no longer a stigma...

A big decision for many newcomers when setting up their busyness is whether or not you need an office, shop or workshop, or whether you can operate your business effectively from your home.

Obviously there some businesses where external premises are essential, unless you want to run your Costa Coffee franchise from your dining room! But there are many types of business that you can easily run from home, and there are many different ways of working from home too, possibly making use of a spare room or maybe adding a purpose built out building in your garden.

Today there are also many opportunities to split your working week between an office and your home, with “hot desking” and temporary meeting rooms available all over the country.

For many new businesses the need for specific premises, even a small office, is not really an issue. If you are selling a product range for example and are visiting customers in their own homes or premises, then all you really need at home is a table or desk to do your paper work on and make telephone calls.

It is becoming more and more acceptable these days to even have clients visit you in your home office, but if this is a fairly regular occurrence then it may be best to consider having a separate room or garden office, separate from your main home and family rooms.


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A critical consideration in any business environment

Health & Safety is a phrase that has become very familiar to us all over the last 20 years or so, and is becoming an increasingly important issue in our modern, safety conscious world.

There are many laws and regulations surrounding health and safety in the workplace and in the UK the Health & Safety Executive works very closely with departments within the European Union to ensure a cohesive European approach to Health & Safety issues.

Don’t come unstuck with the rules and regulations on Health & Safety, have a look at the articles here on The BWT and if you have any particular concerns or questions then seek out an expert within our community!


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Getting it right and having happy people around you

As an employer, no matter how small, you have legal rights over the welfare of your employees and those that enter or inhabit your workplace.

It really is a bit of a mine field when it comes to a company’s responsibilities over their staff and visitors and it can have severe consequences if an employer is found to be negligent in this aspect.

So it is vitally important to know what your responsibilities are and what you need to do to comply with the regulations.

The internet is a great place to find information and guidance on your responsibilities as an employer, and no better place than The BWT to find advice from someone who knows or has been through the mine field!


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All the stuff that will help you function - comfortably

Every business needs some kind of machinery, probably a pc or a lap top and certainly some furniture!

Even those of us who conduct our business from our homes need a ‘phone, a computer, a desk and probably some equipment to enable us to make or provide whatever it is that we offer.

Check out the BWT Directory for someone near you who may be able to assist you in finding what you need, from telecoms installations to software developers, we have trusted suppliers in all areas of equipment, IT and furniture.

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