Why The BWT?

What the members say...

An incredibly useful website for business women! A great place to share thoughts with likeminded women and grow your network. Will continue to use this and recommend to others
Natalie T
The BTW is a great way to connect to other business women to share ideas and thoughts on running our businesses. I have found this forum much more direct and relevant than LinkedIn or Facebook. I enjoy contributing articles and reading useful tips from other contributors. The founders had great vision in launching this site which has been much more relevant to my business needs.
Susan Barrett
BWT is an amazing new website where women can connect and help with each other promote there business no matter where they are living in the world.
I joined the BWT as I have discovered that women are absolutely brilliant at natural networking, helping and supporting each other. To have an online platform to both showcase your work and connect with other women is a really wonderful tool to help boost your business.
I have been a member of TBWT for the last few months, the group chats twice a week are fantastic for making new connections (which I have done) and great fun too. The half hour slots are manageable, and to be able to speak to people who have such a cross section of businesses is really interesting. Everybody is incredibly friendly and there are always hints a tips to pick up. The whole web site is user friendly which is fantastic for me! Even is you do get stuck there is always help at hand, this is a great way to expand your business and I'm really happy I am part of it.
Margaret Frixou
The BWT is for like minded business women to share together. business goes on, we motivate each other and refer and leave testimonials for business ladies we know and trust because we, or someone we know, has used their services. You can join in the chatroom and make new connections whilst also keeping up relationships with existing colleagues. If you have a question just ask somebody will know how to get the answer you need. I really appreciate being part of the BWT community !
Suzan Scott
BWT is an amazing platform to connect with other likeminded businesswomen to make personal connections as well as to network and promote our businesses. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering joining!
So pleased to have joined The BWT, making some great connections and loving the articles! Would highly recommend other business women to join and also would urge other members to become Contributors!
Mikela Smith
Mikela's Muffins
I am finding The BWT great for networking and getting advice from experienced women in order to further my career and business acumen. Thank you!
Josephine Sebbage
I really LOVE The BWT! I can actually see this replacing Facebook for me! I am visiting every day and have made some great connections.
Helen Dawson
I feel The BWT is really right for me and my business.It's easy to use and a great way to connect with other business women
Paula Ruane
Being able to search for, and connect with, other business women near me is one of the things I most like about The BWT
Paula Waldman
ClipiT is GENIUS! Ideal for my busy life, to be able to save something to read or act on later when I have more time is great!
Claire Threader
Admin Services
The BWT is looking to transform my business life. The connections and support I am getting is incredible. So, so glad I joined and would do so again in a heart-beat!
Carol Mann
Since being part the BWT community, I have connected with so many new contacts for my business. I think it is a great way to find new strategic partners who will add value to my business and become great connections for my clients too! Absolutely love it and use it every day!
Jan Ibbott