Work Life Balance



Are you good at juggling... non-stop?

Getting the work/life balance right is truly a challenge to anyone, especially for those of us lucky enough to run our own business…think it’s called “juggling”!

But like anything in business, getting the right blend of home and family life with running your business, is something that needs to be considered and worked at, it doesn’t just happen unfortunately.

Also, from a financial perspective as well as a personal one, the two are completely intertwined, you need to spend time in one to support the other, and vice versa.

There are many ways to approach this topic and there are many experts out there who can guide you, and there are many articles written about other women’s experiences in getting this critical balance just right.

On The BWT we take this subject very seriously indeed and would urge members to support and advise each other on how to strike the right balance between family and the workplace, this is one topic that we all have experience of in one way or another!



Business, children or both - is it possible?!

As women in business, some of us automatically have the potential of two very important roles to fill; Businesswoman and Mother - and even Grandmother.

Let’s make no mistake, the two are equally important roles and both can be very demanding indeed, and each role can put a lot of pressures on the other.

Even those business women who do not have children still have to consider other family members and their own life outside of the workplace to maintain a healthy equilibrium and keep our sanity!

If you are struggling with balancing running your business and supporting your family life, speak to other BWT members about how they manage or tell us of your own experiences and help others.


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For better or for worse!

He, or she, really is a vital piece of your business jigsaw and we at The BWT felt that your other half, or partner in life, deserves a section all to themselves!

We hope that this section will provide a light-hearted and affectionate look at how much we value our husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, whatever they may be, and also be a place where we can tell our stories of how NOT to treat these special allies… all in good taste of course!


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“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot!” Michael Altshuler

How true is that quote! Each and every one has the same number of hours in our day, the same number of weeks in our month, but it’s how we manage that time that makes the difference between running around like a headless chicken and creating a calm, stress free atmosphere to work in.

There are thousands of really good, effective tools out there to help you manage your time effectively … from a simple pocket diary to a full-blown time and project management system on your computer.

Discover ways to help you manage your precious time here in The BWT and read valuable articles written by experts in this field.

But don’t hang about – time waits for no woman, as they say!


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None of us can expect to maintain a healthy business if we are struggling with our own health and wellbeing, the two go hand in hand and both need a degree of maintenance and TLC to give the optimum performance needed.

Our bodies, as well as our minds, come under quite a battering from our businesses demands and we need to be in the best possible shape to deal with those demands on a daily basis.

So it is vitally important to take some time to look after ourselves so that we can cope in todays’ busy world and feel fit to take on the demanding challenges of running our own business.


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